Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break

We didn't go anywhere or doing anything that was too much fun.  Just a typical Spring Break at home.

I colored my hair.  Adding some highlights.

Canyon had a physical and we found out his has now developed Hypothyroidism.  He will have to take meds for this for the rest of his life.  It was also recommended that he go see a cardiologist to check on the development of his heart.  The last time they tried to check his heart, when he was about 12, he would not co-operate.  Hopefully we can get a good reading this time.  He is also to see an orthodontist regarding his canine teeth that have not come down.  It was recommended that he start yearly visits at the DS clinic in Little Rock.  He also has an appointment scheduled for the ENT which will most likely lead to another sleep study and possible CPAP.  We are going to be busy.

We found out at the last minute that our town was holding a World Down Syndrome balloon release at the train depot.  Even though I came up with 23 individuals in this town that should have been there, only 4 or 5 showed up (along with 50-60 friends and family).  Hoping to improve those numbers for next year and a few of us are getting together to make another Buddy Walk in October.

This is a very rare occasion.  A no occasion cake!  Yum!

Sahara got busy with an Easter box for Jared.  We have to plan a month in advance since delivery takes 20 days.

It was cold and windy and rainy, but we went to a neighboring town for Munchin' On Main Street.  Different food trucks were battling out for #1.  I loved the gumbo truck but I ate at Hogg BBQ, which won.
On the way home we pulled over for the Annual Run For The Fallen.

Looks like Jared got a little Spring Break too.  He and his buds were allowed off the camp base for fun on the beach on the Gulf of Tadjoura. Along the way they saw camels, donkeys, and gazelle.  He got to snorkel and swim. 

Back to school tomorrow.

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