Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy 21st Sahara

Sahara is 21


We celebrated her big day swimming in the condo pool and then went to eat dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Aunt Kristy sent some party accessories.

Her friend Carlee showed up for drinks.  Believe it or not, Carlee is a year older than Sahara.

Twisted margaritas.  They were yummy.

Canyon was happy that Mrs. Hull came (Jared's mom).

Souvenir shirt also from Aunt Kristy that we all signed.

We also brought a cheese cake with us for dessert.

Back at the condo she opened more cards and gifts.

Such as a Hobby Lobby gift card, money, electronic pulse massager, solar light, and Bath and Body Works goodies.

If you notice in a picture or 2, Sahara has her hand in a wrap.  She grabbed the wrong end of the curling iron when it fell while getting ready for tonight.  OOPS!


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