Friday, July 1, 2016


This summer on the TO DO list was a lot of home maintenance.  Mostly painting.  I had planned for a room a week.  We're getting there, but of course are having issues along the way.  Our schedule is Canyon's 3 therapies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $1 movies on Wednesdays, swimming hole on Monday (or Friday) depending on weather, and getting rooms finished.

First off was my bathroom.  This process started 1 1/2 years ago when mom and dad installed a new cabinet and floor in my bathroom.  The rest just never got finished.  So we pulled the broken and not floor-flush trim, painted, added new trim, new hardware, and a new mirror.  The mirror was ordered through Walmart and the wrong color came 3!!! Times!!!  I decided on the 3rd wrong delivery that I would just keep it and repaint the frame myself.  It was a gaudy gold color and I repainted it silver to match the fixtures.  But I have to get used to it and think I should have just painted it white.  Easy fix, just letting it be for awhile.

Next was touch up in Canyon's room which was painted white a couple years ago.  His closet was never painted (by anyone ever) so I quickly gave it one coat just to make it look nicer.  

Then the hall.  It was the same color as my bathroom, buckskin.  It also had caramel colored trim.  Now all white.

Next was the hall bath.  It was a sponge painted daffodil yellow with the blue ink sink and counter we did 2 years ago.  The interior of the sink pealed and the counter was getting worn looking too.  This room took awhile to finish because we totally redecorated and tried to actually match things.  Who knew it was going to have a green theme.  Not us.  But it is fresh and clean now.  The counter/sink will probably not last again, but we are giving texture paint and many layers of poly a try.  Also, the cabinet was painted and I really like the white.  I'm contemplating painting the kitchen cabinets too.  White....tan....??? 

Next will be my room and the laundry room.  I only have 1/2 gallon of paint and the kind I got is back ordered.  So we have at least another week before we can do anything else.  Then, the livingroom and kitchen.  All white.  I have always been a fan of color and going bold, but I'm tired of being stuck with that same bold color for years and years and years.  So, fresh white it is!  Sahara also plans to redo her room.  I'm not sure when we will get to that.  

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