Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oral surgery

Wow! This one was a hard one. I couldn't give Canyon any heads up of what was going to happen to him. We got to the oral surgeon's office and he had no idea what he was in for.
Heading back to the exam room now, and he probably gets the idea that it's going to be a checkup.
It took about 30 to 40 minutes for his surgery. He did not wake up well from it. He ripped the IV out of his arm.  He refused to get out of the chair, refused to get in a wheelchair, had to almost be carried out. He was not a happy camper. Sahara had to actually pick him up out of the wheelchair and put him in the truck to go home.
We went to Walmart for his prescriptions, but Walmart didn't carry his pain medicine. So then we went to Walgreens. I dropped off the prescriptions and then we went home. Later I went back to Walgreens and was told that his pain medicine would be over $200! Are you kidding me?!?! So l went home and decided he'll just use ibuprofen. After a yogurt, 2 puddings, applesauce, and his medicine, he didn't want anymore gauze in his mouth. He took a nap. Then he was good as can be laughing, smiling, and went outside to swing.
Somehow we only ended up with 11 of his teeth. Maybe one got misplaced or lost, or maybe it just crumbled when they pulled it out. Looks like the tooth fairy's going to come tonight!!
Here's the result. We're happy to see that he had some adult teeth underneath his baby teeth. His baby teeth were just capping them. But he doesn't have any teeth on the top. It's all just gums for now. I've been told he's going to have to see the orthodontist to have his upper teeth pulled down. I guess we'll find out more about that later. No picture of the uppers. Just imagine nothing after the canines.

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