Monday, June 6, 2016

Mamoth Spring Trip

The kids had their float trip with dad.  This is the first year Sahara actually drove there herself...well, with Canyon as a co-pilot.  Arkansas - Missouri border by Jonesboro.

They made it!

Unfortunately, rain was the forecast for the whole time there.
(their little tent in the background)

They had to end up sleeping in someone else's tent because theirs was soaked.  Also, they only floated for a few hours between downpours, but they had a fun time.
(photo bombed by Rita's dad)

Sahara wiped out trying to get out of the second float.  She went under, her tube went under, and another girl, Darci, grabbed her and yanked her out of the current and undertow. She ended up with battle wounds. 

Crazy June weather!

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