Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

My loaded potatoes are ready to head to dinner.

I also made a small candied yams.

We ate with Jared's mom's side of the family.  There were so many people (50ish) that it was held downtown in a business.  We chose to be anti-social and ate upstairs.  Didn't really have a choice, there were only a few seats left downstairs scattered here and there.  Jared's brother, 2 cousins, cousin's niece, and mom joined us.

What's with the face?  Every time I took a picture, that was the face.

Mom is full!

2 hours later, Jared and Sahara went to eat with Jared's dad's side of the family.

I baked our turkey for later and for leftovers.

3rd meal of the day is prepared and we are off to shop.  
Was not going to partake in the Black Friday on Thursday shopping, but there wasn't anything else to do.  Sahara and I both picked up boots, a Christmas gift for Canyon was purchased, and I got a new Christmas tree :)  The last 2 years we tried harvesting our own.  That was fun, but also a hassle since the right kind of tree does not grow here.  Before that for several years we made do with part of a huge artificial tree or the whole thing that took up way too much room.  That one was bought at a secondhand store for $20.  We were due for a new one. So, after checking several stores, we found one at Walmart.  It was the perfect in-between size.  Of course they were out so I checked online on my phone.  Not only was it available, it was $40 cheaper with free shipping!  
Holiday Time Pre-Lit 7' Brookfield Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, Clear LightsHoliday Time Pre-Lit 7' Brookfield Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, Clear Lights
(pictures from Walmart website)

Should arrive in 1 week.

HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg!

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