Friday, October 9, 2015

Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week means we get to dress up.  I usually have a lot of fun with this, but sometimes I dont have co-workers that want to join in.  This year we made it through all 5 days :)

Monday - Character Day
Wendy was the cat and Lequita and I, the Things.

(Sorry I screen shot these from facebook and forgot to crop out the phone stuff)

Lots chose today to dress up today.
Mr. Pennington and Mr. Roys

The counselors Mrs. Chaffin and Mrs. Forehand

A group of us who made it out between classes for a 10 second photo op.

Tuesday - Sports Team Day

Wednesday - PINK OUT! Day
Canyon's school had Homecoming too and we both had pink day today.

Thursday - Tacky Day

Friday - School Colors Day
School color day is the only day Mrs. Lee will take part in.  Party Pooper!

This week seemed really long, but we had fun :)

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