Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lost A Friend Today

I took Mila to the doctor the day before the cruise. I planned to take her home too, but they were running a lot of test on her stomach pain and 3 hours later she texted me and told me to go home. Another friend drove her home later. I found out several days after vacation that her appointment led to a hysterectomy which led to the discovery of cancer in her uterus. They then did exploratory surgery and found the cancer had invaded nearly every organ. I went to visit her at home. She was heavily drugged and scheduled to go back to the hospital in a few days to start chemo. A week later I found out her cancer was too advanced to even bother with chemo and she was sent to a hospice. I visited her there on Saturday. She was awake, communicating, and sitting up, but not very cognitive. She was on a morphine push every 20 minutes. Two days later, another friend told me it was now family only for visitation. It turns out the last thing she had eaten were the pancakes she had the Saturday morning that I visited. Today, Wednesday, I called the hospice at 4:00 and was told she was still able to have family visitors. As soon as Sahara came home from class, I was going to head up there, if nothing else but to support the family. At 4:20 her niece messaged me that she had passed. I went up there anyway. There were at least 30 people there still over 1 1/2 hours after. Joe had gone home but I talked with Zach. He seemed to be at peace with it. It may hit him later, but he seemed ok for now. She is to be cremated and her ashes spread over the White River. It's so unfair. She had been going to the doctor's for years with stomach issues. It just seems this should have been caught earlier. 2 months ago she was working 60 hours a week. 5 weeks ago she found out she had cancer. 1 week ago she found out she had no chance of surviving. Now she's gone.

The service was Tuesday, September 8th.  It was hard.  The church was packed.  So many people touched by her.

Zach gave a 10 minute talk about how important his mom has been in his life.  We were not strong, his guy friends were not strong, Zach did great!  
It all still seems so surreal.

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