Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Rock Day

We got tickets for the Travelers game again with A Field of Angels (Canyon's baseball group).  So we headed out early to do some shopping first.  Unfortunately 2 malls later, we still could not find summer type shoes for Canyon that can fit his shoe inserts :(

We did however lose Canyon again!  We left a clothing store called Rainbow.  I saw him walk out behind us when I glanced back.  3 stores down, he was gone.  So we double and triple checked the 6 shops we past (both sides of the mall).  Nothing.  Finally an employee in Buckle said she would call security.  He arrived and I explained Canyon to him, what he was wearing, that he is 16 and my height but basically non-verbal.... we started walking and got about 15 steps away and the guard looked down and sideways.  I followed his gaze to see Canyon's shoes under the photo booth curtain right smack dab in the middle of everything.  OMG!  He was right there for the last 15 minutes just having a chill out in the dark booth!!  I pulled back the curtain and said, 'Canyon, we lost you! ' He just laughed.  I said 'I had to call a policeman to find you!' and pulled the curtain back so he could see the guard.  Canyon jumped up and hugged his neck and said, 'oh hello.'

OMG!  I have got to get this kid chipped!

Sahara took this when I was calling her to say he had been found.

Then on to the game!
Our admittance is free, they feed us hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, popcorn, soda and water.  All we can eat for the first 2 hours.

It was pretty hot until the sun went behind the building.  The pavilion is behind left field.

So we got to see the different 2 minute in-between shows get ready to hit the field.  

Some group pictures.

Then after the game is an amazing fire work show.  We were so close to it because between us and the show was only a 100 foot grassy area.

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