Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hiking Dardanelle Rock

Sahara suggested we go hiking today. It was 11 am so I decided we should pack a lunch and test out our new vaca backpacks as well.
It was 91 with a heat index of 101. Thank goodness for a breeze and trees.
Didn't take long for an injury. Poor Sahara.
Water break.
We finally made it to the top 45 minutes later.
Malaki was a good little dare-devil climber.
It was so hot and so slow going with very slippery shale gravel. Finally! The exit sign.
Back at the house. Sahara's leg.
And thigh.
A little peroxide for good measure. It was pretty dirty.
Mom's knees where none too happy either.
I had to ice pack them for 30 minutes when we returned.
But, we got a hike in on this otherwise kick back Sunday.

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