Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break Part 1

Not a great start to Spring Break because Monday we had 4 errands to get done and none of them were successful. 
Then on Tuesday we went to Little Rock for a zoo / shopping trip. Well, it took an hour longer than usual due to major construction delays. When we got there, the parking at the zoo was insane. Then we saw the line of people to get in...down the street! It would have been at least another hour wait in line and this was almost 2 hours after it opened.  Not people waiting for the gates to open for the day. Figuring that we wouldn't even get to see animals with that crowd, we hit the mall. Sahara found this 'mary jane' bikini. No she didn't buy it!! Haha. Canyon got LOADED with 'cruise wear'. We ate at David's Burgers which was AWESOME! Hit some more shopping and Cicis Pizza for dinner. 

Wednesday Sahara went with Jared and his family to Branson. Unfortunately the weather there was terrible. Yes they were there through the tornados. 

These were the only photos of their trip that they shared with me.  That is Jared with his sis in law Kaycee.

Canyon and mom got some of those errands done. 

Canyon got a haircut and his State ID that he will need for the cruise. He was so excited!  The weather at home was beautiful. We ate lunch at the park and mowed. Yes! The mower started right up this year.
Here are some of the first blooms in the yard.
Down town Russellville had damage from wind, microburst, or a possible small tornado.  But most all of the damage happened on Parkway.
Tragic news this morning.  Last night a girl Jared graduated with and her boyfriend were on a motorcycle and were hit by a truck.  She did not make it and her boyfriend was med-flighted and is in critical condition.  Basically broke every bone in his body.  The passenger in the truck (who was not harmed) is also a friend of Jared's from baseball.  They haven't released any info on the driver of the truck.  Apparently he is under 18 so his identity is being kept. It was discovered that the girl was also pregnant.
Then the weather hit.  At 11:30pm we lost power.  It was a still, dark, and quiet night.  I heard every scratch Jamocha made in her kennel.  I also heard the house creek from the wind and the hail hitting the window.  We got power back around 6 am.

Planet Fitness is closed until further notice.  It lost it's roof (which is flat so???)

And the real estate office across the street lost the whole front wall on the 2nd story.

More damage was a theater and sound store, a pizza place, bicycle shop, and the Chili's that is being built.


Damage in person (Canyon took these as we drove by).  They seem to be working fast to fix.  Or maybe just making it safe and usable.  As you can see in the night photo, the entire wall was down.

**(: Booked the flights for the cruise today :)**

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