Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day Again

We got out early on Wednesday because we were expecting severe weather.  The schools (here anyway) kind of jumped the gun.  We had rain all day.  At 5ish it turned to sleet and at 8:30 we finally got our snow.  

Today, Thursday, I don't think there is a single school open in the state.

It was really windy too and was coming down sideways.

The next morning, after breakfast, we went out to check it's ability for snowman building.  Bummer, wont stick.  No snowman and it looks like only an inch or 2.

Malaki is just happy to watch the world in the window.  He doesn't care so much for this cold stuff sticking to him.

Jamocha on the other hand LOVES the snow.

She would bite it and chase what you throw and jump all over the place.


Canyon attempted a snow angel.  Not too bad for there not being much on the ground.

Poor Malaki, he gets balls of snow attached everywhere.

Our road.  It's snow on top of frozen sleet.  This road was not so bad, but the main road is more frozen and Sahara and I skated on it.

Looks like Sahara isn't going anywhere today.

We have sunshine the rest of the day and I don't think anymore in the forecast.  

Looks like business as usual tomorrow.  It sure didn't get to be as bad as they claimed it would.  Or we are just in that bubble again.

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