Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jamocha's new diggs

So this puppy wont stop growing.  She desperately needed a create because thunderstorms (or whatever) caused her to tear the house apart, even though she was chained to her bed while we were gone.  I never had a create for a dog before and never had I needed one.  But I can surely see why they come in handy now!  We borrowed a create from the neighbors, but she no longer could stand, sit up, and hardly turn around in it.  I figured pretty soon, I was going to have to fork out the over $100 to get her a larger one soon.  Luckily, I saw this one, extra large, online for $25.  Yes it is obnoxiously large in the living room and a little rusty, but look at all that room for activities!!! 

For size comparison (other create has all ready been returned to the neighbors), her bed mat fit perfectly in the other create.  This one is nearly double in size.
Thinking about giving it a coat of Krylon Spring Break.  Black?  Or some other color???

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