Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve - The Last Supper

Waiting for dinner time, Canyon gets help building the monster truck he got for Christmas.

Yay!  It even came with the Grave Digger stickers to make it look official :)
(I recommend these easy to construct Lowes or Home Depot projects for future gifts for him-he really liked putting it together and it was not too detailed that he need too much help) :)

When it was done, we dropped by the camp site to grab Nana and Papa for our last dinner together.  They head to Georgia in the morning.

Mango Margarita for Nana!

Thanks for the visit!  Thanks for the Christmas gifts!  Thanks for the B-Day gifts!  Thanks for the home projects!  

The kids and I stayed up til 1:30!  (Well, Canyon was put to bed at 12:20) 

Happy New Year to ALL!

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