Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Sparki

So 2015 did not start out so good.  Along with a lot of problems I don't want to go into right now, Sahara's car "Suni" bit the dust.  It was smoking/steaming really badly and overheating.  I mean pegged to as high as it would go.  We took it to the shop and were told it was the thermostat.  Pretty easy fix.  If only.  It turns out it was the head gasket and that is a $1300 fix.  The car's blue book value is only $1500.  SO.......spend what the car is worth to fix it or shop for something new???  
We shopped.
There was a Honda Civic that was a great option, but it sold the next day :(
There was a Ford Focus but she felt that it was awkward :(
Sahara did not even want to go look at the Sparks, she thought they were goofy.  But she did like the colors. (Lemonade, Denim, Grape, Lime, Jalapeno, Salsa...)

We pulled in the lot at 5:38 PM on Thursday, they had 2, a Lime and a Denim.  They were quite cute.  We test drove the 2014 Denim Blue and she fell in love!  It truly is like a little space capsule.  Everything is digital and glowing and super fun!
We took it back at 6:01 and the place had closed!  1 guy was left and he didn't even know a vehicle was out.  Haha, we could have just kept it!

Well, this girl of mine, while I was at work, did all the leg work!  She went to the bank and got approved for her loan.  She called the dealer and offered a price.  It was accepted!!
After work I went with her back to the dealership, her check in hand, and within an hour she was officially the proud owner of a new car!!

It's only a 4 seater, which we didn't even realize, but that's not really an issue.  It does not have a CD player (which is sort of a thing of the past anyway) but does have XM for a few months trial and Onstar for 6 months free.  It basically has a tablet built into the dash which is really cool and through her phone can be used to view anything on her phone including movies, music, phone... Way more then what is needed.

It is a 4 door with a hatch.  The back door handles are up higher on the side of the doors.

Weeks worth of groceries. No problemo! 

I'm so happy she has a reliable car and did this all on her own!

As for poor Suni, James says he will come next weekend and fix it to sell.  Supposedly he can get the parts for super cheap and knows how to do the work it needs.  It will be a savings of about $1150 compared to what the shop wants.  So, then it will be up for sale for what it's worth.  Which will be good so Sahara can pay the taxes on this one :}  
If he actually shows that is.


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