Thursday, December 25, 2014

Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day!

I woke up at 5:30 to realize we forgot to leave cookies out for Santa!  Later Sahara told me she woke up at 3 thinking the same thing.  At least Santa gets his fill at all the other houses because he still came!
And Canyon got his firetruck.
We wanted to wait for Nana and Papa to come over for the gifts, but Canyon and Sahara opened their stocking gifts.

Then they opened gifts from Dad.

And the pet got to dig in too.

No picture of Chloe this morning.
Nana and Papa arrive and we start on gifts again.
He loves this hat!

Couple of pretty cool shirts!
Wow!  So pretty!
Later I found out I was not supposed to open mine (it was for my birthday) OOPS!!
Mom' birthstone               Sahara's birthstone

Can you believe all the Starbuck's gift cards!!  I think I am pretty set!
Ihop was from Jared last night, but he forgot to give it to me because it was still in the Christmas tree.
After gifts we set a new mailbox post in cement, watched a movie, played a game, and had dinner. 

After Nana and Papa left, Jamocha calmed down.  She is such a spaz.  I was finally able to let her wander around the house.
 I really blew it on picture taking of all the activities today :(  I need to do better for the rest of Christmas Break!

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