Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Door Contest

We have never had a Christmas Door Contest at school/work before, but this year it was mandatory that we participate.  So, I was put in charge of it.  It had to be student created (Mrs. Lee still wanted to see out the window). We traced the kids hands and had them cut their hands out.  They also wrapped their own presents, and one student filled out the name tags.  I did all the hot glue gluing for safety.
We were the first classroom with our door completed.

I think they did a great job and our door looks awesome!

Apparently the judges did too because...

Russellville Courier Newspaper:

Our door with our neighbor's door, Mrs. Chagnon's class.  They are a class just like us.

Others from around the building.

Mrs. Kuras' 2nd Place (which she came up on the weekend to do I overheard her say :/ )

The ALE classroom I go to in the afternoon.

For the ALE classroom, we had to make an elf body for our silly head shots.  This is what Clay (another teacher who comes in for a bit) and I came up with.

His short body cracks me up!


It was fun, but it's going to be hard if we do it next year to find new ideas.  There were so many good ideas this year!

We made the local paper over the weekend. 

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