Saturday, December 20, 2014

4 tree family

 Well, even though I really liked the look of our second tree, I have no idea what it was.....except unfriendly. The needles on it were actually sticker bristles. It also didn't make it until Christmas and turned brown and brittle. So we got this 3rd one. At least it is a pine and smells like a pine and has friendly pine needles like a pine. 
It's not as pretty, but there are only 5 more days. So we got what we got. 
It's a Loblolly Pine which tend to be yellowish in color.  Certainly not a typical pine for a Christmas tree, but pretty much all that we have for pines in the Arkansas woods.

That lasted an hour and I didn't like it. Too yellow. Sahara and Jared gave up on me and went Christmas shopping so Canyon and I went scouting. We finally found this Juniper. It did not look like a bush in the field, oh well!  They decorate Christmas bushes in Australia don't they?

And when I brought it in I found this from the summer :) 

And I'm gonna say a bird nest in the Christmas bush is good luck!!
We need luck. We don't need another Christmas tree this year. 

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