Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat Time

We got ready early this year.  Ready to head out the door at 5!  Too early, we had time to do some photos.

First the dogs.
Malaki was Bat Man.

Jamocha was Bat Girl.

Malaki went with us Trick or Treating and we had plans to take Jamocha.  Unfortunately she is just too wild.  It took 70 attempts to get 3 decent photos of her.  

Then we went outside for our pictures.

Canyon was an Army Man and Sahara and I were both Rosie the Riveter.

Canyon was sent home with a low fever today, took a 2 hour nap at the house, and with meds, we headed out anyway.

The Rosies.
Then just some goofing off photos of everyone.

We Trick or Treated just as the sun went down because we usually wait until dark and candy is already gone by then.  These are 2 houses on the same block that decorate nicely.
After 3 streets, we hit a fire station and a church that had a huge Trunk or Treat thing going on.  Plus they fed us dinner for free!

At home, we ate a few pieces each and went to bed early for a Friday.  Saturday morning we got up early and hit Walgreens for medicine for Canyon.  He was up coughing a lot last night.  Then to Special Olympic Bowling.  Canyon was not well.  He laid over in Sahara's lap and when it was his turn to bowl he did not want to get up.  

Then he had a coughing fit which caused him to throw up.  We didn't make it to the bathroom on time :(  So forget bowling, we headed home and he slept on the couch.  He LOVES to swing and is out doing that 90% of the time when he is home.  If he is laying on the couch with the TV not even on for hours, I know he is not feeling well.

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