Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

For the first day (Wednesday) of the Turkey Break, we took our yearly pictures, caught Mockingjay at the newly remodeled theater, and did Black Friday shopping early!!  

Some of the shots we liked. 
 And the winner is:

Turkey dinner tomorrow at Mila's. 

Thanksgiving day!
I got all the out of state mailing packages wrapped and ready for the post office.
Made corn bread to take with olives, soda, and a pie to Mila's for dinner.

Black Friday
No shopping for us. We went to Planet Fitness to work off our turkey thighs. Came home to eat more, then dug out the Christmas. 

We were planing to go out and cut down a tree but Sahara got this pre-lit 3 footer at the after Christmas sales last year for $10 and we forgot we had it. So we put it up instead of her putting it in the bedroom she never uses. 

Yep it's tiny, but so is our space. 

And if some monster decides to chew up some lights and extension cords...Jamocha Jane...I hope it sparks her butt pretty good.

Small Business Saturday

Nope, didn't shop, put away Christmas tubs from decorating yesterday. Took 2 online tests and wrote my last essay for the semester. Went to the marina. It was beautiful in the 70's today!


Found Jared in a Basic ceremony picture on Facebook. 

Did a work out at Planet Fitness

Plan B
On the way back from PF, we stopped by the woods and brought home this guy.

The other tree just looked like a decoration to me and not a Christmas tree.  This one is Charlie Brownish and we have no idea what kind it is.  Very stickerish for sure!  
 Here is a caparison in size from what we were using.  I like our new tree :)

The little one now is in Canyon's room since his little white tree broke in storage and he didn't have one this year.

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