Sunday, November 9, 2014

So, this happened...

After 8 days of being stuck with sick boy, I got caught the crafty bug.  I have been wanting to try this for a year and finally decided, why not today.  It took a lot of trial and error and experimenting, but it came out ok I think.  I plan to paint the cabinets white and the walls white too.  Someday.  Not sure if this is even going to work either, may scrub right off with the first cleaning.

I used alcohol ink and clear spray sealer.  The first try was blue, purple, and green, but somehow they blended together to make red and mud.  So I cleaned it all off and tried again with just blue.
The counter top before was that old off white marble that had cigarette burn marks on the edges.  I HATED IT.
I hope this lasts a few years.  I will be careful not to scrub it.

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