Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sahara's Birthday

Thursday, September 4th, Sahara turned 19!
Jared was out of town but Brittany came over with a handful of balloons.

 Then we made sliders for dinner with Brittany.

And had mini cup cakes which are really tasty!

Saturday we decided to really celebrate.  We all went out to Las Palmas for lunch.

After lunch, Jared and Canyon went to the house to hang out and the girls went to Pottery Worx.  We ended up each picking a mug to paint.

Sahara tried to do an ombre look with blues, a red handle and red inside.

Brittany picked one with a chevron pattern and used blue and purple with green speckle inside and for the handle.

Moms was a mug in the shape of an owl.

Here they are, upside down because the bottoms are drying.

Looks like blue and purple were popular today!
They all turned out great.  We go back in about 10 days to pick them up.

Then back to the house for gifts.  Thank you all for the cards, Starbucks gift-cards, and money :)
Plus she got a new, very light weight computer that will hopefully take her through college.  Jared got her a pair of Oakley sunglasses which he gave to her early because he has zero patience.

And last was an ice cream cake!

Happy Birthday girl! 
 Love you bunches :)

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