Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bummer news!!

Shooting for Success, Canyon's basketball program which he has been in for 6 years, has been canceled!  No warning, just curious why we didn't get the info for sign-ups and games start next week so I e-mailed the place and got a response....sorry to inform you but they have not yet made plans to hold Shooting for Success at this time this year.
  No one knows.  I told 2 of the therapists I work with who are checking into it because 40+ kids and 40+ volunteers are going to be pretty disappointed.  It's not a charity program either...players have a $30 sign up fee which includes a t-shirt, 4-5 practices/games, and an end pizza party.
I hope we get some answers and what ever the issue is gets fixed so they can play!

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