Monday, August 25, 2014

The New Girl

Friday, on the way out from work, a co-worker asked me if I wanted a puppy. Before she could get the words out I said noooo.  Then she said she was hoping I would since I know about Weimaraners. Well, that kind of got me.  Sascha has been gone for 19 months now.  The plan wasn't to get another Weimaraner, or any dog for that matter, but I just said yes before even thinking about it.
On the way home from work, without even seeing her, I decided her name would be Lola.  Why Lola?  I have no idea.
The next afternoon we picked her up.  Basically, she will be Canyon's dog and so will be his 16th birthday present (a little early).
Upon picking her up we saw that she was not silver like Sascha but chocolate.  Which isn't a 'true' Weimaraner color.  Mouse brown is a true color but she is darker.  So, she may be mixed with something, but has all the Weimar characteristics.  She was going to be put down along with the litter and rescued at 5 weeks old. (Stupid people didn't know that even if not full blooded, they could have been sold for $100-150 a piece) Anyway, somehow Michelle got a hold of her and fostered her from then on.

Well, being Canyon's dog, we quickly concluded that he could not pronounce Lola.  He would call her Noah and Nova.  That wasn't going to work.  We went through a list of names and Sunday morning decided on 

Isn't she so pretty?

She is 3 months old and is going to be HUGE.

Jared really likes her because she likes to rough house...waaaay too much.  We have a LOT of home-training to do.  At Michelle's, she must have been allowed to do anything she wanted and get away with it. They have a baby in the house learning to crawl and this pup was way too much to handle around the baby.

She barks in the house a lot, chews shoes, gets feisty (we all have battle wounds), and is very hyper, has accidents....loves to snuggle, gets along with Malaki and Chloe (although they aren't too thrilled she is here, (but a lot of progress has been made), sits on command, and can fetch.
She also loves to play in the sprinkler :)
Canyon is warming up to her, but like Malaki and Chloe, the hyper-feisty play is a little too much.  We are working on calming in the house and a lot of hard play to wear her out outside.  She sleeps fine through the night in the living room which is a big plus.
I'm going to plan to have her fixed and have her dew claws removed during Thanksgiving break so we can be home for her recovery.  Unfortunately her tail is not docked and I don't think that is something that can be done at her age.  The nerves and arteries are formed now and recovery would be a lot harder.    

Well, guess we have a new pup!

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