Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back in business

Friday was a good day.  The neighbor's relative had the lawn mower for weeks this summer.  He finally figured out what was wrong with it.  It really makes me distrust a lot of people.  Engine shops that had told me it would be a $750 (at least) carburetor fix were wrong.  Or something that would entail the engine being torn completely apart and rebuilt.  It turns out it needed a new starter.

It's still as slow as a turtle and we have no idea why, but it runs and cuts, has sharpened blades, new plugs, oil, filter, and battery.  And hopefully will last me 3 more years.

So the back part of the back yard, shown above, finally got cut.  That was a long and big job since it was 3 feet tall!

Also, I found out all I needed for my BBQ to be functioning again was new heat plates.  The old ones had rusted and disintegrated and collapsed onto the burners.  But the burners were fine.  The starter is hit and miss and may need to be replaced as well, but for now it seems to be working ok for the most part.

After the big yard makeover, we made pork chops and baked potatoes for dinner.

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