Sunday, August 3, 2014

2 weeks and counting....

Well, Canyon is counting anyway.  I'm good for more summer.
Wasn't sure if we were gonna hit this.  We didn't go last year but this year, Canyon was in need of a haircut and if they are giving them for free, why not?!
Good thing we got there early because the lines were crazy even before it started.  We did not join these lines, but did manage to get in #5 for a hair cut.
In line (in the shade!) for a haircut.
After the cut in the snow-cone line.

We also got bottles of water and hot dogs.
We had planned to stay for the band and had really good seats, but it was just too hot to be in the full sun.
Photo stop on the way out.
Don't know if we will go next year or not, so hot and so many people.

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