Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

So proud of this kid!
Today he had to go to the dr to get a shot for school.  New regulations basically made it so all school children will have to get some sort of vaccination before coming back to school.  The dr offices are busy this summer.

Then, by my request, he had to get blood drawn.  Normally he is supposed to have blood drawn for a thyroid check once a year, but 3 years ago he threw a massive fit and the blood work never happened. Then I guess we never went back to do it.  Until today!  And he did great!!!!  He even thanked the Lab Tech afterward.  I also am having his iron levels checked because he gets up and gets dizzy.  He can't really communicate what he is feeling but I know the signs all too well. 

I promised a snow cone because he did so well but when we stepped outside the wind was picking up and the clouds were getting dark in a hurry.  Luckily we had Klondike bars in  the fridge.

What a crazy storm.  It hit from the North which never happens.  I was watching the patio roof  bob up and down.  I thought for sure it was going to peel right off.  

The silver maple in front of the baby pine was bent in half.  It probably would have snapped if the house wasn't a buffer from the direct wind.

An hour later there was a break in the storm.  I went around gathering things from the backyard that were now in the front yard.  We lost a bunch of branches from the pines.

Oh no!  Part of the siding tore away!  I guess tomorrow I will be learning how to hang siding.

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