Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th

The night before the 4th, Sahara and Jared bought some goodies to set off.  Canyon liked the sparklers.
On the 4th, we were invite to Jared's family's get-together.

Then we headed to the river to watch the fireworks.
Ice cream cups were only $2 with free toppings.  Best deal of the summer!
(Jared is looking really strange in his photo bomb below)

Malaki will not be attending the firework show with us in the future.  At one point I put him inside my shirt to try to calm him down.  He was too wiggly and was clawing to get out and clawing to get back in.  Not a happy camper.

Then on the way home Jared and Sahara stopped to buy more at home fireworks and sparklers. 

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