Sunday, June 1, 2014

First summer project... Done.

Canyon's last day of school was Friday, Sahara has been out for nearly a month, and I have 3 days left (gag), but Canyon's collection of metals has grown to where the 4 tiny hooks I had for them to hang on just wasn't going to cut it anymore.
And even though I should be spending the day cleaning in the hide-a-way places the termite guy is bound to look at tomorrow when he comes for his yearly inspection, I decided it's time for the first summer project.

This is the tangled mess they had become.  He is so proud of his medals and I wanted him to be able to show that.

Originally I had wanted to get a strip of peg board with only 1, 2 or 3 rows of holes. Apparently you have to order that online and pay 5 times the amount for such an item then just getting a sheet of pegboard and cutting it into strips.  That sounded like work and I wanted this to be an easy fix.  

The Hog flag was taken off the wall and made into a curtain, it's pretty shear and will be too bright for sleeping in this summer, but I have black fabric and will line it later.

Without the pegboard option available, I just got a strip of adjustable shelving track and a bunch of S hooks.

He loves it and there is plenty of room to add more.

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