Sunday, May 25, 2014

Travelers -vs- Missions

We went to the annual Travelers game with Canyons baseball team Sunday afternoon. 
As soon as we get there it's hamburgers and hot dogs at the reserved pavilion. 

Then we headed to our seat. Luckily our row was in the shade. 

The game was long and Canyon was bored. I was on Facebook and saw a picture similar the the scoreboard below that his teacher posted.... Yep she was there too just 2 sections away. Canyon went over to say HI and get a hug. 

Then we stood and sang for the 7th inning stretch. 

Looooooooong winded!!!
The Travs won!  Then the kids ran the bases. Jared went with Canyon and the line was very long. 

After we hit the gift shop where Canyon bought a mini bat. 

We had 45 minutes to wait until the Riverfest firework show. Riverfest is a big Little Rock annual event every Memorial weekend with bands, rides, and food. We have never been because it's so expensive. But having a seat at the ball park is the best place to be to watch te fireworks across the river. 

And the finale....

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