Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Funday

Pottsville Jr. High had their annual art show this weekend.

After walking into the cafeteria where all the art is displayed, I asked Canyon to take me to his art.  He walked me straight over to this and pointed.  I assume he had a lot of help with this.
The black had been cut out with a razor knife and glued on top of the sunset drawing.
He also showed me a tree.

Then we went to the tables with the paper mache.  I was just walking by and not really noticing but he stopped here with a look on his face.  I said, "oh, it's a firetruck, it's YOUR firetruck".  Silly nut didn't say anything, just stopped to stare at it til I noticed.

Then we ran into his art teacher and she took me to the food section.  

No, this isn't meal deal #3, it's made out of toilet paper.

Mrs. Drake said he created this pretty much on his own.  Rolled and formed all the paper, chose the colors, got together and put up his supplies.  He worked really hard and did a fantastic job!
All of the layers of the hamburger come apart.  Each ingredient is it's own piece of art.

Here are some of the other food pieces.

Straight from the art show we headed to see Godzilla.
Jared and Sahara met us there.
The theater was pretty empty but people straggled in just before it started.  Pretty good flick :)

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