Monday, May 5, 2014

Finally Soccer!

We have waited 5 weeks for soccer to start.  Because of bad weather and muddy/flooded fields, soccer was pushed to May.  But tonight was the night!
First we had to get Canyon's t-shirt and jersey.  They didn't have adult sizes last week when we were supposed to pick them up.  Luckily tonight they had his size.  There were still a couple of bigger kids who don't have what they need.

Then volunteers were assigned to players.  Sahara and Jared were in Little Rock taking Jared's twin brother to the airport for Boot Camp, so Canyon was assigned Mr. Bud.

After warm up exercises, which were pretty interesting, (Canyon would do cross leg - toe touches while everyone else did jumping jacks), they played a game called 'gas pedal'.  Canyon paid attention and did pretty well.

But then he got silly and wanted to kick the ball far and hard causing Mr. Bud to chase after it.  While he was gone after another run-away ball, I eased Canyon over to a goal and showed him that into the goal is where you kick hard.
He LOVED it.

And he didn't seem to have a preferred kicking foot either.  Sahara and Jared showed up at this point which made Canyon happier and more motivated.

Next it was time to divide the kids and scrimmage.  Canyon got to kick off the game but first Mr. Bud pointed out the 'orange' team and the goal we needed to get to.

He really got into it.  Chasing that ball all over the field and not being afraid to get right in there and kick it.

After the scrimmage, the volunteers and the parents made a tunnel for the players to run through.  
Not too bad.  He had fun even though this is a sport he really has no knowledge of. 
Yay soccer!

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