Saturday, April 5, 2014


Canyon was invited to a Superheroes band concert at the Center for the Arts.  
It was a special performance for families with people with disabilities.
(which I later gathered that it was the dress rehearsal for the evening performance)
Canyon made sure to get pictures with all the usual suspects.
But I have no idea what this was.  It had a turtle shell on it's back with spikes.
Canyon and most of the crew.

Most of the band were also dressed up.
They played the theme songs to 7 or 8 super hero movies/ shows.
The Ironman guys looked so cool.  I think their costumes were the best.
It was just Canyon and mom because the other 2 were at the zoo. 
After the show the kids were invited to go on stage and try out different instruments.  Canyon didn't want to.  I tried to talk him into it but he was shutting down.  So we left and on the way out he grabbed Wonder Woman around the waist to hug her goodbye.  What a flirt.  At least she was a good sport.

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