Thursday, April 3, 2014

HUGE mistake!!!

Back in December I had closed my old electric account and opened a new one in only my name.  It's about time right??
Well, I forgot to change where the payments were going to on my online banking.  Oh No!!  They have been going to the old, closed account ever since.  I was so confused as to why I was getting disconnect notices and yes!, even got disconnected in February.  When that happened, I used a credit card to pay over the phone to get connected again.  So, THAT payment was actually the only payment that ever went to the new account.  Finally, I sat down and looked at all the payments I had made, all the in between payments too to avoid being cut off.  I realized I have made 6 payments in 3 months and the amount was double what I would normally pay at this time of year.  Then I figured out what happened.  After speaking with 7 different people from 'We can't do anything to refund you the money because you are not the account holder of the old account'
(old acct. and amounts shown as transferred)
to EVERYTHING transferred to the new account like I thought it was all going to all along....SHEW!!!!
I was the squeaky wheel for sure.  I had to fax my bank statement to show that in fact those payments had come from my account and cleared my bank.  I had to explain to 7 people the entire story.  I had to assure and get them to believe that anything that comes to my house with James' name on it will not be delivered and will not be forwarded to him.  2 refund checks were somewhere out in snail-mail world that they would need to cancel or void them.  It didn't take as long as I thought.
(new acct. with transferred amounts and now a credit of $303.96 - notice the late payment charge.  There was also a reconnect charge - I guess I could fight to get those removed, but it was my fault that this happened)
In 48 hours from start to finish I got all my money on my account.  

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