Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Day

The bunny came.  Are we too old for this???  We may never get to that point.  I was EXTREMELY lazy this year and didn't even get the baskets out until the day before.
Canyon had to show what he got one piece at a time.

New wheels for his go-cart that has been out of commission for several years. 

Sahara got a car vent air freshener and several pairs of shoe inserts since she always wears shoes that have no support.
Jared got a craftsman tool but it's not pictured here.  He did use it to put on Canyon's new wheels.
Unfortunately 2 of the wheels will not budge.  So they are setting with WD40 on them overnight.  We will try again later.  If they still don't come off, the new wheels are going back and he can pick out a kite or movie instead.

Then we went to Easter at Wanda's house.  There was about 40 of us there.

Canyon with his dessert plate.
Sahara munching on her desserts.
The kids played baseball and then kickball but we could not get Canyon to play at all.

Jared and Malaki kicking back.

Then it was egg hunt time.

Canyon made out with 17 eggs.  (the limit was supposed to be 15 -oops) So I guess he did pretty well.
After opening the eggs, it turned out he got 6 $1 eggs and a prize egg.  Glowing light-up bracelet.

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