Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex

4 days of record lows nation wide. What a crazy week!  Because of it we got out of school/work 2 hours early Wednesday and just got school tomorrow!! Freezing rain and sleet today and it will continue through noon tomorrow. 
I nearly had 2 accidents on the way home from the early release. I came to a curve in the road and slid nearly in the ditch. I barely recovered from that when I came to the stop sign at the T to Sweeden Road. I went right through the stop sign barely missing a big black truck making a left down my road. Good thing there wasn't any other traffic because I didn't stop until I hit the other side of the road I just crossed. SCARY!! At this point I'm facing my back yard sideways in the road. I got it straightened out and crept home. I live about 5 miles from work and saw 3 vehicles in the ditches on the way home, Dover School had a special Ed bus flip with 7 passengers - only injury was a sprained ankle, and Alma School was remaining open throughout the night to house students whose parents couldn't get there to pick them up. (Sooooo glad THAT wasn't us!!)

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