Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting ready for the holiday

The house is decorated. The lights outside are few, but I plan to get some more up when it's above freezing. Sahara says that will be next Thursday!
We went with a real tree for the first time ever. It hasn't taken ANY water yet and it's been 8 days. It's mounted in the stand it came in so I can't recut the bottom. It will most likely be brown by Christmas. Bummer. We only decorated with picks, lights, and snow flakes. But Sahara wants me to find last years tree spider. Again, waiting for the thaw. 
Since we're kind of iced in we decided to get some holiday baking done. We loaded up trays and headed out to meet our four new neighbors. House one, no answer, we left the tray in their chair on the porch. House two, Alisha answered. Nice lady and she said Scott and Cindy live there. House three, really nice mom, Amanda and 3 elementary kids there. Then we got stuck in their driveway. Too icy. Took forever to get out and pretty embarrassing. So we skipped house four for now. 
We have 4 more batches of cookies to make and 1 loaf of bread. Maybe tomorrow. 
And everything is wrapped and under the tree and in the stockings.
                          🌲 YaY🌲

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