Saturday, October 12, 2013


Canyon's birthday was not planned out too well.  We had thought we were going to do his party Saturday, but broke down after basketball on Thursday (his actual birthday) and let him open presents.  We also stopped by and got McDonalds for dinner and got hot fudge sundae's for his cake.
After eating hamburgers, he hit the gifts.
Mom got him a Razorback neon light for his room.
Aunt Kristy and Caleb and Emily got him The Croods.
Nana and Papa got him a McDonalds gift card. (could have used that tonight!)
He got a check from Grandpa.
Brittany got him a Razorback jersey shirt
Sahara got him a Razorback fuzzy hat and sunglasses.

The next day he received some more gifts from Grandma, Grandpa Tom and Aunt Paula.
More Razorback stuff!
Bath pouf, socks,
gloves, long sleeve shirt,
and a candy bar we almost missed in the bottom of the bag!!
And from Uncle Brian, Aunt Mel, Jason, Parker, Tobey, and Zoey...MONEY!

At school on Friday, we heard that Canyon had a couple special guests.  Mr. T., the middle school principal and Mr. Bradley, the high school principal, came over to see Canyon and they had coffee and donuts together.  Canyon has been having coffee with Mr. T since 4th grade :)
HaPpY 15th CaNyOn!!!

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