Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mt. Nebo

Sahara has been asking to go hiking for weeks. Since we went to the Brass in the Clouds last night and it was chilly on the mountain, I figured it would be a perfect day today. 
Rim Trail starts behind the visitor's center. Great area for picnics. Lake Dardanelle behind the kids. 

This is where the band played the night before. Sunset Point. 
Sahara and Brittany with their toga pose. 
We decided to take the Rim Trail, but it breaks off and you have to take Summit Trail half way and then get back on Rim. Somehow we got mixed up and took Summit all the way back around and ended up at cabins. That was fine with me because the trail was supposed to be easy/moderate and it was kicking my butt. Not to mention I set out shoes for Canyon to put on but he chose to put on crocs instead and we didn't realize that until we got there. Crocs are not good hiking footwear for sure. 
This was the easy part. 
Found a frog!
It rained all day Friday but since we were in a drought before then, no water under the bridge. 
Ohhhh. More critters. This walking stick was on the door to the visitors center. 
Panoramic Brittany took. 

Getting ready for hang gliders and parachute jumpers at Sunrise Point. 

First attempt was a fail.
There he goes!

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