Sunday, August 4, 2013

Playing with my food

I decided to try tofu. (We also got Morning Star soy hamburgers and they aren't too bad... Just really small)
After a little research I bought the extra firm kind because the websites I found said extra firm would be less spongy. 
First I put chopped yellow potatoes and baby carrots in the micro for 6 minutes to speed their cooking. I sautéed green onion and sliced mushrooms. 
Then I diced the tofu. ( ahead of time, you have to set the tofu on several layers of paper towel and cover with paper towel. Then place something heavy on top. I used a plate and put Canyon's money jar on top. Do this for 30 mins to absorb a lot of the water out of it that it comes packed in )
Then I added the carrots and potatoes. 
Still I think this would be too bland so I used what I had which was mandarin sauce. 

Looks good!  Sahara was disgusted that I used the sauce and the mushrooms. I thought the tofu had a mushroom like consistency which is probably why she didn't like it. Canyon had no complaints!

If I get again I think the pieces need to be smaller, possibly grilled or pan fried for more of a 'cooked' appearance, and I need to find some recipes instead of just winging it. 

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