Tuesday, August 27, 2013

College Life

Sahara went to 2 days of orientation and had a blast. Day 1 lasted from 8 am to 9 pm. They were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They broke into groups according to major or interests. They toured, played games, got signed up for things, got freebies and much more. I don't remember any of this from my first time around college days.
This is a huge Freshmen class.
Sahara and Brittany drove in together for the first day. 
Sahara and Kendall were in the same group for Psychology. 
Random sitting around pictures. 

Meeting new friends - Byron : football player. 

And Caleb : music major. 

Brittany : undecided - Sahara : psychology - Kendall : psychology - Katie (new friend) : business major. 

And Alex : major unknown. 

Sahara's name badge and groups. 
Some of the loot she came home with. 

And here she is! First day of college freshman year!!
She just woke up but her class isn't until 10. Canyon and I had to leave at 7:30. 

Later she sent me a selfie before she left the house. 

At Tech, Brittany and Sahara panic before heading off to their first class!

But they survived!!

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