Saturday, July 13, 2013

New modem

Had a storm last week and the power flickered. My modem bit it. Today I went to Walmart and bought the only modem they carried. It was exactly what I all ready had. I thought that was a good thing since I knew how to mess with this one to get Internet back after storms. 
Don't buy this modem!! 

After getting it hooked up and messing with it for over an hour (still no Internet) I clicked on something that brought me to my Internet provider and plugged in info to activate the modem. Yay! Not yay :( I was given a phone number and called to find out this model is no longer supported! 

Back to Walmart it went. No wonder why it looked like all the boxes were returns. They were!!  Went to Staples and ended up getting the same brand but a newer model. These little things are spendy!!  

After hooking it up and messing around with it for another hour, I finally managed to click on whatever I did before to activate. There can't just be a simple 'activate' button to click on. You have to find it through troubleshooting pages.  Then I get the phone number again but this time success!!  We have wifi again!! YaY!!

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