Friday, December 23, 2011

TECH Family Christmas Party

We rarely go to the Non-Trad get together, but decided to hit the Christmas party. Santa was there and Canyon got to tell him for the 5th time this year, what he wanted. A fire truck. This big, or thiiiis big?

Pool tables were available and we played a few games. But other people's little kids kept coming over and steeling our balls and rolling them into each other. Grrr. Where were their parents???
So we hit the basketball game instead. Canyon got a workout here. He just kept shooting and shooting and shooting! I think he was just used to the kind at the arcade places that only give you so much time or so many balls to shoot. This one had no limit :)
(he made as many baskets as Jared - maybe even more)
Time to go so we stopped for a picture with Santa by the big tree.

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