Saturday, November 12, 2011

She's back!!

30 minutes after the kids went and put 6 lost dog signs up.  We got a call.  A man thought he hit a dog 3 miles from our house.  He got out to check and the dog jumped into his truck.  He felt bad for her and thought he can't just kick her out now, so he took her home.  About 15 miles away on Gumlog Rd!  He and his wife just kept her over night hoping in a day or 2 some lost dogs signs would appear in the area.  It's a good thing I made 1 extra and had Sahara and Jared take it way down a side road, because that's the one they saw!  He called and I gave him directions.  In 2 minutes, here comes a HUGE white raised truck with Sascha in the bed.  No collar or tags.  It's the way I go to work...maybe she was following me??? It was a brand new collar and I just threw the old one away Thursday and trash pick-up came.  Off to the store to get another!  But, happy to do it because she's back :)  She's very pooped out now.  Must have been a hard sleepover for her.

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