Sunday, October 16, 2011

Canyon's party

Having Canyon's party in the evening left us with plenty of time to get ready. 

Waiting was hard work for Canyon!

Party goers were:

Jason   Zach
Jonathon Paige Sahara Jared
(later came his aide from school, Tammie and....???)

He got a football from Jared

An Apache shirt from Sahara

A shake weight and an ab twister board from mom

A Hot Wheels racetrack and Lincoln logs from Mila

Spooky Buddies movie and a truck from Grandma

$15 from Grandpa
$13 from from Uncle Brian and Aunt Mel and the cousins :)

Cars legos, a movie, and a Lightning McQueen car from Aunt Kristy

An their homemade card :)

3 t-shirts from Nana and Papa

A cars story book from Tammie

Then we roasted hot dogs on the fire :)

Mila    Tammie   and    Canyon

After the sun went down and I really couldn't get anymore pictures, Daddy came!  He got 3 old-timey fire and police cars from him.

After gifts, hot dogs, and cupcakes....we roasted marshmellos and made s'mores

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