Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Sweet Sixteen

The morning before Sahara's party, since Mila and Zach couldn't go, they took her out to breakfast and then to get her ears pierced with her 2nd holes.
Sahara's B-day was at Dixie Cafe in the Soda Fountain. Can you believe 20 were invited and only 3 showed?! That's how it usually goes with us.
She said she wasn't bummed tho.

Jared got her a birthstone ring! She needs to have it re-sized.
Several areopostale shirts and a nail artist kit from Nana and Papa.
A purse and wallet and shoes from Aunt Kristy with far toooo much $$$ in the wallet!
Canyon got her a cookie monster shirt.
From Grandma she got $25.
From Paige a bling Belt.
From Wade $20
From Grandpa $25
From Uncle Brian and Aunt Mel $20
From mom, her own laptop (which I will be borrowing!).

We all picked what dessert we wanted to eat. Canyon got banana pudding.
Jared got a chocolate malt.
Wade got blueberry cobbler ala mode.
Paige and Sahara shared each others desserts of strawberry cheesecake and double fudge brownie ala mode.
Group shot before we parted ways.
After the party, Paige and Wade went their ways, Jared went to work and Canyon went with Mila. It was just Sahara and I and since her b-day party cost me a quarter of what we thought it would, we went out to eat at a new Italian place together.

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