Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HaPpY 4th of JuLy

Our 4th of July started out with a bunch of failures. First off the house vacuum decided not to work. Again. It looses suction all the time and this was the last time I wanted to spend 45 minutes trying to get it to work to do a 5 minute job. My bedroom and Canyon's are the only rooms in the house with carpet (plus half an area rug in Sahara's room-the other half under her bed). BUT, this is the 3rd cheap vacuum I have had in about 5 years. I didn't want to buy a big one for such a small job. I took the thing and literally threw it out the front door. I used the shop vac with limited attachments to do the job.
Then I went to the store to get food for an impromptu BBQ. Then back to the house to try to finish cleaning out the pool for the 7th time of the mess Canyon made with the crawdad mounds. I finally figured how to suck out the dirt at the bottom without the filter just blowing it right back in. Yeah me! Then, into the house to try to get things put together for the meal. I was guessing Sahara found the package of hotdogs and put them in the fridge from the bags she brought in from the car. But wait, no hotdogs. Wait, where are the cans of baked beans? And the french onion dip??? CRAP! I must have left a bag at the store! So, back to the store with the receipt. The guy remembers me and rattles off what he had put back. YEA! Told me to go and get what I had. I flash him the goods and receipt and thank him and back to the house!

The BBQ was great. Even 10 minutes after I finished cleaning the pool and the down pour happened couldn't deter it now! Canyon even made banana pudding and I sliced up bananas to go in it.

After the BBQ, Mila and Joe left for home and Jared went to work so we all took a nap.

Then over to Mila's to get her and head to the park for some free festivities :)

They had a lot of inflatables. At first Canyon went in a jump house, but after he took waaaay too much coaxing to get him out of there, we headed to the more open-obstacle course inflatables.

Of course, Sahara had to bring the little guy with her. We ran into some of her old buds too. I should have gotten pictures of Trevor and Tristan, the twins who used to be around all the time, but now have moved hours away, were in town for the 4th.
Canyon's favorite with this inflatable that you run into and slip to the other side while it sprays water at you. He was nice and cool.
And gave me the thumbs up after.

Then, over to another park for fireworks. We could have stayed where we were for fireworks, but the other park was minutes from Jared's work and they were going to start just when he got off. But, when I hear reviews of the 2 shows, we may consider the other park next year. Not too impressed with the show here this year.

I loved this one though. The Mother Ship :)
The Mother Ship again with friends :)

Big blast
Sahara and her boys (Jared trying to locate his mom after the fireworks who ended up sitting 25 feet away and we didn't know it)

Back at the house, sparkler time. It was 10 now so very dark and the pictures didn't turn out too well. But that made the sparklers look cool :)

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