Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This year, I found those little swabs that have the dye in them....they worked pretty good. I bought 2 packs tho and needed 2 packs to have enough for 12 eggs. But the were only .89 cents each.

Canyon whipped thru painting his too quick so I went back over them with more color.

Sahara's were very artful :)

Sunday it was off to Sahara and Canyon's second cousin Kristy's house. Jared had his Easter with family on Saturday so we picked him up.

The hunt is on ... maybe as many as 22 hunters.

Sahara looks cold, and it did end up sprinkling on us while hunting, but it wasn't too chilly. Till later, with the downpour.

Some of the other kids were waaaaay to fast so Jared and Sahara had to point some out for him or stand guard over some until he got there.

He ended up with 17 eggs. 1 was real the rest plastic. And a few had money :) $3.30

Here are the (cousins) minus Sahara who doesn't consider them her cousins because she is in-between ages. Instead of being the oldest cousin, she thinks of herself as the youngest cousin from the older group (who are 20 and up).

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