Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dancin' and sandwich makin'

The program Canyon is in to have a waiver worker, had a dance for the kids. Canyon was a dancing fool.

Mom and Canyon have a slow dance.

Sahara dances with Shanika.

Canyon gets down with Barbara, the program coordinator.

He certainly dances to the beat of his own drum!
[video was too long post :(]

We headed straight to the Spring Fling after we visited Jared at WORK :)
Here he is: Just 1 hour into his very first day attempting to put together Sahara's order.
His shirt says: FLAVOR-rific!
Sahara was disappointed that this was all we saw of Jared today.
Jared-Saturdays might just be a thing of the past.
He's a workin man now :)

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