Saturday, April 16, 2011

AREA Special Olympics

It started out a VERY windy and chilly day.
Here is the line up of the AREA athletes and their coaches/family during the Opening Ceremonies.

Sahara was the photographer and took a close up of Canyon, mom, and Mrs. Wood.

First event was the Tennis Ball Toss. I don't think he did as well as last year. We have a month to improve for State.

He did get 2nd place tho :)

Right after the ribbons were given out for the Tennis Ball Toss, he was up for the Standing Long Jump. I got 2 pictures that almost look identical. In the air!!

He definitely did not jump as far as last year, but no worries!!!!, he got ALL the girls! The UCA Cheerleaders are the helpers during AREA and he did not miss a single one for a hug :)

Even though in his age group, he got last place, which was 4th, he was the biggest winner!

After the Ribbons, we went to see 'Morris' (Melanie), his ex-aide / ex-waiver person

Then the 5 of us headed to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch.

We ordered a huge meal and took some home with us.

While waiting for our food, we had some camera fun. How many Jared's does one girl need???
(didn't come out perfect, Jared #3 is missing his guts!)

On the way home, Canyon crashed out in the back seat with Sahara and Jared.

STATE is next month :)
Stay tuned.....

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